Myron van den Broeke

Myron is a passionate classical homeopath at MvdB Homeopathy and an experienced pharmacist in the family business De Groene Luifel, located in the charming shopping town of Sluis in Zeeland. This town, popular with visitors from just across the Belgian border, has enabled Myron to build a unique relationship with a wide audience, including many Belgian clients and patients, as well as people from the Netherlands.

At De Groene Luifel, Myron is known as the go-to person for advice on good health, with a special focus on nutrition and supplements. His dedication and the growing demand for expert advice led him to the Opleidingscentrum Klassieke Homeopathie (OCKH), where he deepened his knowledge and skills in homeopathy. Despite his initial limited knowledge of homeopathy, sparked by an interest in the A. Vogel brand, Myron quickly developed into an expert classical homeopath, driven by the desire to better support his clients in their health.

His experience at the OCKH shifted from seeking answers to a growing demand to a strong passion for homeopathy. This passion, combined with his experience as a pharmacist, has enabled Myron to build an extensive network and develop a thriving practice. His background provides a solid foundation for further growth, something he gratefully utilizes.

Myron contributes to the OCKH by applying his expertise in internship supervision and advising on practice management and healthy nutrition. His combination of skills and experience makes him incredibly valuable to both his patients and the education.

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