Would you like to work independently on people’s health?


Some people work in an organization or company with the health of people but feel that they are getting too much imposed on by the organisation, and the legislation or other directives, making you feel restricted and/or oppressive. As a classical homeopath you can – to a considerable extent – determine how you work, how you organise your clinic and what your schedule is going to look like. At the Educational Center for Classical Homeopathy, we try to give you hints and advice in many ways on how you can run your own practice, and we try to think of ways to include your individual needs. We also offer different options so that you are not alone in your work and you belong to a network of professionals who you can consult or cooperate with. Even after the course, we try to help you to set up up a clinic as a classical homeopath.

Do you want to work more independently with people’s health?

Perhaps you are actively involved in human health (if the answer is no or if you would like to work more with people’s health then perhaps the article ‘Would you like to improve people’s health?’ is of interest to you) but if you are so tied to someone else’s rules and regulations that you feel very restricted and you can not really work as you would like to do.

Do you recognise any of the following issues?
  • For example, you would like to spend more time with a client or patient but this is not allowed by the organisation you work for.
  • You need to learn new theoretical protocols because someone in the organisation has decided that everything needs to be done differently in order to save money.
  • Perhaps you work in a situation where you need to document everything so much that it is not productive anymore.
  • Maybe you work according to rules and regulations created by people who have little or no practical experience.
  • Working in a team can be very nice and it can have huge benefits but it can also be distressing for some people because you need to take into account many opinions and ways of working.

Perhaps you recognize these situations and you believe that it is time for a different approach. In that case, it is wise to read this article because becoming a classical homeopath might be a solution to your problem.

As a classical homeopath you are your own boss and you work on people’s health

One of the important appeals of being a classical homeopath is being self-employed. For a big part, you can organise your clinic and the way you work as you wish, and it is easy to organise many things in such a way that it works practically, efficiently and nicely for you. Obviously, you must meet certain requirements including training, the layout of a clinic, patient files and certain laws from your country or regulations from homeopathic associations of which you are a member of in order to be a professional. But these restrictions are not that demanding and there is plenty of room within those boundaries to work in your own way. A major advantage of the profession of the classical homeopath is that you decide how you organise your calendar (for example, working days and hours, how much time you spend on a patient, how you communicate, etc.).

That does not mean that you should always work without any contact with fellow homeopaths, that you have to invent everything yourself and that it is necessarily a solitary profession. You can think of:

  • Cooperation. A cooperation with one or more homeopaths can be made as intense as you want it to be. It can range from being a locum during holidays to renting an office space together with colleagues and running a clinic together. The benefit is that you share resources and expenses and you decide as a group what the policy and protocols are maintained in the clinic.
  • Workgroups. Most homeopathic associations ask you to participate in workgroups (intervision). In that way, you can have regular contact with colleagues. The benefits of this are that you can decide your own way of working but you can consult other homeopaths regarding their experience and expertise. In that way you have contact with colleagues.
  • Refresher courses. During refresher courses on specific topics, you’ll meet colleagues and you can discuss interesting topics with them.

The beauty of the profession of the classical homeopath is that you are quite free to run your practice and work with others in a way that is convenient for you. A classical homeopath is indeed also an entrepreneur with all the benefits. One of the benefits is that you are completely free to choose how you plan and choose your refresher courses (of course within the requirements of local law and regulations).

The Educational Center for Classical Homeopathy teaches you how to work independently and efficiently as you desire

During the training as a classical homeopath, we teach you to work very efficiently, what to look for when running a clinic, which rules are mandatory. During the internship specifically and the lessons about running a clinic, but also during the other lessons, we will give you many tips on how to organize your own practice. We also try to give you plenty of advice on how you can practically run your own clinic, taking into account as much as possible your individual differences and needs. One homeopath, for example, is much more focused on automation, gadgets, websites and other modern items while another homeopath, for instance, puts much more focus on working with paper files. Of all the possibilities we try to give you information on the benefits and drawbacks of different approaches, ways of working, etc. so you can decide what is best in your situation. We will also suggest what is not wise or inefficient especially in the way you communicate, social media, organising your files, etc.

Our training in classical homeopathy is organized in such a way so that you can have regular and close contact throughout the year with all students at the Educational Center for Classical Homeopathy, including those of all the other grades. Therefore, you get in touch with students from different backgrounds, interests, character, knowledge, etc. In that way, you can already make connections with potential future colleagues. We also discuss together with your classmates the experiences you gain during supervision and research. Because of this, you quickly learn what works and what does not work in your homeopathic clinic.

At the Educational Center for Classical Homeopathy we have two things in mind during the course: on the one hand, you have ‘to learn to be a therapist (classical homeopath) who deals with the health and welfare of people, on the other hand, you are an entrepreneur. This requires a certain kind of attitude, work ethic, freedom and independence. The entire training as a classical homeopath is constructed with these two things in mind.

Then there is another advantage of following a training as a classical homeopath at the Educational Center for Classical Homeopathy: we support you not only during the course but also afterwards! After your training, it is possible to connect with the alumni of our education center. We have created this organization for former students in order to have the possibility to ask questions, ask advice with difficult cases, connect with other homeopaths, etc. so they can be assured that this will be handled in a serious and professional way by people with extensive experience.

Did this article interest you or do you have any more questions? Please do not hesitate to contact our educational center. If you are enthusiastic and you want to enrol for the course, please fill in the intake form.

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