Blended learning

Our educational system is based on the principle of blended learning. We firmly believe that this is the most efficient method of studying at the moment. Blended learning is a mix of classes and e-learning. Using blended learning means that we use the benefits of both classes and e-learning and avoid the drawbacks of both systems.

The best educational systems for the items as mentioned below.

Blended learning
Practical training of certain skills
Social and lively
Adaptive explanation of content
Learning pace is flexible and can be adapted to individual needs
Best for conveying theory
Several types of conveying information
Use of multimedia
Linking towards various resources(webpages, youtube, podcasts, etc.)
Personal contact
Possibility for open discussions and questions
Authenticity of students work

We are aware that several educational institutes start shifting towards e-learning to teach homeopathy instead of organising meetings to ask questions, yet we firmly believe that relying only or mostly on e-learning cannot lead to properly trained homeopaths. Classes and interaction with teachers are mandatory for proper training to become a classical homeopath.