Why do we use blended learning in our homeopathy school?

Blended learning & homeopathy school

The blended learning concept is a combination of e-learning and face-to-face classes with a teacher. The e-learning modules contain several types of information such as text, audio, video, animations and graphics. At the Educational Center for Classical Homeopathy, we decided to switch to the blended learning concept because it is highly efficient. For example, you can work your way through different modules in your own time and you have the information presented in various forms, so there is always a way that caters to your individual needs. Another benefit is that the costs of the course are lower compared to traditional courses, which make the tuition fee lower compared to conventional homeopathy courses.

Flexible & better quality

We have noticed that since the introduction of the blended learning to our homeopathy courses, the preparation of the students before classes have improved significantly, resulting in a higher quality of classes. We can now put more focus on helping you with your particular difficulties in understanding the theory. Also, during the classes, we can spend more time practising the theory with practical exercises. This will help you understand the homeopathic theory on a deeper level.

Blended learning at homeopathy school

Only e-learning is not sufficient

We decided not to switch to solely e-learning because using only e-learning cannot teach you proper homeopathy, you need to have contact with experienced teachers and professionals. During the classes, our teachers can see what you are struggling with and point out things that perhaps you did not notice yourself. Also, the types of exercises we utilise during the classes cannot be converted into e-learning modules

Careful application

At the Educational Center for Classical Homeopathy, we want to apply the blended learning method very carefully, and that is why we align the modules very precisely with the classes. The modules are meant to support the classes and not the other way around. Although we found out that creating high-quality e-learning modules takes a lot more effort, time and the proper tools than we anticipated, the results are definitely worth it!


Below you can find a short video that explains the blended learning concept very well.

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